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Tails on Trails is a unique, personalized dog care service in Eugene, Oregon that specializes in off-leash pack hikes, daycare, and kennel-free in-home boarding.  We are outdoor enthusiasts and above all else dog lovers. Our mission is to enrich the lives of dogs through outdoor exploration and by giving them the freedom to run, swim, sniff and play in a safe, natural environment. Unlike the confining environment of doggy daycares, our pack hikes provide dogs with an exciting, stimulating adventure that is different every single day. Our adventures are great for dogs of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels. No dog is too big, too small, too old or too high energy. We keep our hiking groups small allowing us to build trust and close bonds with each and every dog. We spend time getting to know your dog’s individual personality and needs, and in turn, gain their trust and respect. This method keeps our adventures fun, stress free, and consistent. It also gives you peace of mind that your pup is in safe, loving hands while you are away.


What We DO


Pack Hike

Our group hikes transform your dog’s typical walk around the block into an exciting off-leash wilderness adventure. Hiking groups consist of 1-7 dogs led by an experienced dog handler who reinforces good trail manners and basic obedience while out on the trail. Your dog’s adventure begins with our free shuttle pick-up at your home or office, then it’s off to the wilderness for 90 min to 2 hours of outdoor adventure. We provide basic grooming after every hike to ensure your pup returns home clean, happy, and tuckered out!

Price $35



Daycare is an add-on service for clients who need longer care for their dog after our pack hike. Our daycare guests will enjoy playing with friends in our large fenced yard or lounging indoors and getting some one-on-one attention. Daycare begins at 3 pm and runs until 8 pm. Our shuttle service does not provide transportation home from daycare and clients are required to pick up their dog no later than 8 p.m. 

Price $45



Overnight Care

Overnight care is a service offered exclusively to our hiking clients. Unlike traditional boarding, your pup will be spending their nights in the comfort of a home environment where they will be treated as family and provided with the utmost care. Our overnight services include our daily group hike. We ask clients to supply their own food with written instructions for meals along with any medications or supplements that need to be given. If your pup has a bed or crate you may also bring that for their overnight stay. Our #1 goal is to make their time away from home as fun, relaxing, and stress free as possible

Price $50

New Clients

How to join

Is Your Pup Ready To Join Our Pack?

 In order to be a good candidate for Tails on Trails, your dog should be good with other dogs, trustworthy off-leash, spayed or neutered and current on vaccinations. Owners must provide a collar or harness with current ID tags attached.

When scheduling, we encourage our clients to participate in our adventures a minimum of once per week. It is in the best interest of the dogs to be part of a consistent schedule with their four-legged friends and this prevents them from having to adjust to new social environments daily (which can be stressful to some) and it also maximizes hike/play time on the trail.  

We Are Accepting New Clients!

If you are a new client and wish to sign your pup up for our hiking services, please email a completed application and signed waiver to canine.tailsontrails@gmail.com. Once this is complete, we will contact you to set up a Meet N’ Greet at your home to ensure your dog will be a good fit. 


What Our Clients Say

Kristin shows she has a true love of dogs and I feel so comfortable leaving my big lug Steve in her more than capable hands! He is always worn out when he gets home after a day with Tails on Trails! He spends his mornings staring out the window, longingly waiting to spend the day having fun with his buddies. I think the picture speaks for itself!​

Tracy Owner of "Steve"

What better way for our furry kids to have a great day, than to head out with Kristen at Tails on Trails!! Kristen takes the dogs on the best adventures, running free and playing as they should. Kristen is responsible, reliable and it shows that she loves our dogs as we do. Our girl heads out the door excited to play and comes home happy and tired… Thanks Kristen for offering such an outstanding opportunity for Olive!! We love Tails on Trails!!​

Debbie Owner of "Olive"

I am recently widowed and didn’t know how I was going to find the time to give my 2.5 year old lab/pointer, Lucca, the exercise she needs. I was using another service that just walked her on leash. Then, they were relocating and suggested Kristin at Tails on Trails. It is the best thing ever! Lucca seems to know what days Kristin is coming and will start watching out the window for her. She comes home worn out and happy! Lucca had also not been well socialized when Kristin started taking her on adventures. Kristin worked with her and eased her into the other dogs and now they run an play together! When we first met, Kristin said her main motivation is her love of dogs. It is so apparent when you meet her and see how the dogs react to her! She definitely loves what she does!​​

Lenore Owner of "Lucca"

We love Kristin! Although my dog was scared and not excited about going with someone new in the beginning, now our dog jumps with joy when Kristin picks her up. Kristin took the time to get to know our dog and to do whatever she could to get our dog to feel comfortable. When our dog leaves the house with Kristin I know she will come back having had a blast somewhere outside off leash with a bunch of her dog friends. We highly recommend Kristin, she's truly amazing with the dogs and takes such good care of them.

Hillary Owner of "Joey"

We love sending our puppy out with Tails on Trails. He always comes back happy and exhausted and I get to feel like a good dog parent even though I don’t have the time to take him out on hikes all the time myself. Kristen clearly loves all the dogs so much and you really can’t beat the door to door service she offers. She even washes them off before she brings them back so they’re not tracking mud in the house after their adventure. So if you have a dog with more energy than you have time, definitely check out Tails on Trails!​

Kamela Owner of "Henri"

My dog has the best time going on hikes with Kristin! He leaves excited and comes back tired and happy!! I highly recommend Tails on Trails because it's a great fun time for your dog and peace of mind for you that he will be well taken care of !​

Annette Owner of "Mojo"

Kristin is absolutely amazing. She takes our sweet Golden Retriever on hours long adventures, then drops him off clean, tired, and happy. We trust her implicitly and appreciate her so much! Also, her website makes scheduling very convenient, and is very easy to use. We could not recommend her more highly!​

Lori Owner of "Hank"

We love Tails on Trails! Our dog is so excited every day to see her friends and go on an adventure. Kristen is super nice and communicative!​

Arthur Owner of "Rainiere"

My dog has loved her hikes with Tails on Trails! So grateful to know about this as we transition back to working back at our offices more. Thank you for offering this!​​

Becca Owner of "Lola"

Kristen has a unique relationship with her charges, my dog is always overly excited when he sees the van coming down the driveway. Kristen puts lots of positive energy into her work, and it shows with happy dogs. Jack loves his time hiking and I love that he’s all worn out when he gets home.​​

Mike Owner of "Jack"


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